Goa, one of favorite tourist’s destination


Goa is a popular tourist’s destination in India and most of the foreigners coming to India must visit this land of beaches. The smallest state in India, Goa is a paradise for nature lovers as this city is full of tourist’s attractions and known in the whole world as the land of beaches. When the word Goa comes the scenery of a land with beaches, foreigners enjoying the sun bathing and the silvery white sand.


Every year many thousands of tourists come here to enjoy their holidays and to spend vacations and one can fully enjoy their holidays here. Goa is variously known as the Pearl of the Orient, located on the western coast of India. Goa is famous for beaches but it is much more than just beaches because the magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendors of its temples, churches and old houses make Goa a firm favorite and beautiful destination of tourists. Goa houses many numbers of beaches such as Calanguate beach, Baga beach, anjuna beach Miramar beach and many more, in total Goa houses more than 25 beaches but Calanguate beach is the most popular beach in Goa located in North Goa and this is the most visited beach in Goa as this beach offers a beautiful scenery of the land and offers great quality of adventures activities.


Calanguate is a populat location on Goa located besides Baga beach and as Calanguate beach is visited by every tourists to Goa, this beach is known as the Queen of beaches. The nightlife of the beach is very popular among youngsters as one can fully enjoy their life here. The best time to visit Goa and Calanguate beach is in winter and during Christmas and New Year millions of tourists visit the town because most of the foreigners and domestic tourists prefer to celebrate festivals here. Goa is easy to reach by all the transportation facilities but direct buses from Mumbai always remain available and by train also one can easily reach here. For accommodation, you will find great ranges of hotels from budget to five stars but hotels near Calangaute beach are very popular and preferred. So if you are planning to visit this town.


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